About Me

Hello dear! Thank you for reading my blog, my name is Ilyas Noukaila (also known as “lilou115”).

People who are involved in the revenue sharing industry know me well, but if you are new to this business, then let me introduce myself: I’m the TOP referrer of the famous revenue sharing program “mypayingads” (with 1000+ referrals). I’m also in the Top 5 referrers list of the most biggest actual revshares programs including the leader of the industry “Trafficmonsoon” (1500+ referrals). I’m involved in several programs to diversify my income sources. (Remember: don’t put all your eggs in one basket 😉 ).

I started learning how to make money online earlier in 2013. I began my journey in the PTC industry, worked hard to grab some dollars and start renting referrals to grow my accounts faster. I used to click 100+ ads a day worth of  0.001$ to earn money fast and did a lot of ‘Crowdflower Tasks’ in different websites to earn even more dollars! (I had an account in Neobux, Clixsense, Useclix, Probux, Zapbux, Fusebux and other PTC’s that are now scam or just trending to die!).

In the beginning of 2014, i started learning e-marketing techniques, watching youtube videos and trying to find a business that is suitable for me and not consuming much time. Thus, I discovered a new business model that was at that time new and unknown by many marketers which is “revenue sharing”.

In the beginning, i opened an account on one of the first revshares in the market which is “Paidverts”. At that stage, i was still working on neobux and others and every dime i made there i used to purchase adpacks on Paidverts. In the same time, i created my youtube channel to explain the business to new comers and brought by the way some 500+ paid members to Paidverts which helped me a lot to grow my account and make a lot of money.

Getting these results in a very short period of time encourages me to produce more training and reviews videos thus i started to refer people at order and make more commissions on sales made by my referrals. At that stage, i can say “I discovered the power of video marketing!”.

Then came the turning point of my life: i met one of the most infuential people in the industry: the Owner and CEO of Trafficmonsoon “Charles Scoville”.

Here is a photo of me with Charles and some big dogs in the industry in Casablanca (Morocco) 😉

me with charles scoville from trafficmonsoon

It was like a dream for me to meet Charles and his team, they really helped me a lot to learn how the whole system works and how the money is made and what can be achieved with hard work and good strategy and success willing.

I was super motivated and took that opportunity to record an interview with Charles and uploaded it to my Youtube channel which increased my popularity and credibility as hell and shooted me to the top!

Now i’m involved in a lot of revshare programs so I decided to make this blog to:

  1. share my experience and help newbies to get started in this business.
  2. help them to better understand the whole business model and the terms being used in actual programs such as ROI, daily percentages, cash repurchase balance…etc.
  3. show them the path to follow and new strategies and work ethic.
  4. review new coming programs to prevent my followers to be scammed (because there are a lot of programs out there that appear from nowhere, give a lot of earning promises, quickly turn to scam, take people’s money and run away!).
  5. help people make a residual income from revshares and why not make an online living with it (Yes, it’s possible and i know a lot of people that are making thousands of dollars per day from this. I’m also an example for this, eventhough i still consider it as a part time job, but i actually earn around 900 dollars a day from revshares. So it’s the double of my monthly salary in my regular job and still making progress, so the best is yet to come!).

My next goal? I’m planning to quit my regular job and launch my own revshare program so i can make it an online full time job!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions about this blog or if you are looking for partnership of any kind. I’m open mind, just email me and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Happy earnings to all!